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by ryan davis

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I’m just a guy who likes to write code, ya know?

Boring Stuff

On a slighly more serious note, I’ve been programming in one form or another since I could push buttons. I’ve been coding in “real” programming languages since ‘88. I had my “Object-Oriented Epiphany” in ‘91 and I haven’t looked back since. I worked for amazon.com in the early days, omnigroup in the growing-pain days, consulted for a number of companies large and small, lead a group at AT&T Interactive and AT&T working on ruby. I’m currently consulting again with my own consultancy, seattle.rb consulting.

I started using ruby in 2000 after taking a workshop from Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas at OOPSLA pretty much the same day the pickaxe book launched. Since then, I’ve helped start the world’s first Ruby Brigade, have given talks at numerous conferences, and have written or contributed to over 100 ruby projects.

For more info, see my github page, seattlerb’s github page, or my resume.

Generic Presentation Bio

Ryan Davis has been using Ruby since 2000 and is a founding member of the Seattle Ruby Brigade, the ass-kickingest ruby brigade (per-capita). His background includes QA, automation, language and tool development, object databases, and smalltalk. In ruby/rails, he has worked on developer productivity and test automation tools such as heckle, hoe, ruby_parser, ruby2c, ruby2ruby, rubyinline, zentest, minitest, and many, many more.


I’m not hard to find. You can email me