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Looking for the Ruby Quickref?


Published 2012-06-12 @ 00:00

Tagged minitest, productivity

This is part of the Productivity Pr0n series.

What can I say about minitest that hasn’t already been said by me or others? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure.

It certainly isn’t as “mini” as it used to be… not as “mini” as I’d like it to be… If I could remove more I would… but it certainly hasn’t become the complex monsters that test/unit2 (3.3x flog), rspec (5.3x flog), and cucumber (59.5x!!) have become.

As such, I think **it is much easier to learn, understand, use, and master. **

It’s just plain ruby. Anyone can understand it. Anyone can extend it.

It starts up twice as fast as rspec and three times as fast as cucumber. It’s startup time is essentially imperceptible.

It’s test speed is only beaten by bacon or riot (which I don’t think counts for riot… but that’s another blog post).

It doesn’t slow you down. Ever. It’s job is to let you express your requirements in as clean a manner as possible, to get you your results as fast as possible, and to otherwise get the hell out of your way.

And despite all that it still supports TDD, BDD, mocking, stubbing, and benchmarking right out of the box.

Gem Flog Mult
minitest 1921.5 1.0x
testunit2 6849.5 3.3x
rspec + deps 10224.6 5.3x
cucumber + deps 114401.9 59.5x