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Published 2012-06-13 @ 00:00

Tagged productivity, omnifocus

This is part of the Productivity Pr0n series.

Isolate is one of those “do one thing well” types of tools. The only thing it does is create a private gem repository with a set of pre-specified gems. It seamlessly integrates into rake so you never invoke it the way you invoke bundler. You simply run your tests and if it needs to install something, it does. If it needs to remove something, it does.

Isolate is screamingly fast, unlike bundler. The delays involved using bundler are simply not in isolate. It does this by playing well with rubygems instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

This is what I really love about isolate. It’s invisible. I simply don’t notice it after it’s first run in a project.

I also comes with a Hoe plugin. All I have to do is add:

Hoe.plugin :isolate

to the top of a Rakefile and there is nothing else to do. I already specify the dependencies for a gem in its Rakefile, so why should I have to do it a second time? I don’t. I don’t even need the equivalent of a Gemfile at all. It just works.