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Infrastructure First

Published 2012-06-05 @ 12:00

Tagged productivity

This is part of the One Pagers series.


The Problem:

How do we smooth out deployment/testing/integration/etc?

The Solution:

Implement all infrastructure first.

  • Start with using idiomatic project structure so there is no learning curve.
  • Implement your basic test suite, starting with a sanity test. Get it to pass.
  • Implement deployment automation and actually deploy (blanks) several times.
  • Write all your project and deployment documentation up front. If any of it takes more than a few sentences, you’ve failed.
    • Test it on a newb who’s never seen your project before.
    • Watch them try it out. Everytime they mess up is a failure on your part.
  • Almost all of this should be made into a template so it is reused next time.
  • Nothing should be much more complicated than:
% scm checkout projectname
% rake newb env:test deploy

If it is, it is still too complicated and can (and should) be cleaned up.