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Looking for the Ruby Quickref?


Published 2012-06-15 @ 00:00

Tagged minitest, productivity

This is part of the Productivity Pr0n series.

Finally! My secret weapon! My holy grail! My silver bullet! Or… something.

emacs w/ autotest

autotest.el is available on my emacswiki page. All it does is run autotest inside of a special compile-mode/shell-mode combo that is specifically taught how to hyperlink ruby “file:line” references. This makes test errors clickable and brings you straight to the failed assertion.

I find this fan-fucking-tastic for developing TDD. So much so that I really do view this as my secret weapon. As seen above, I have autotest on the right pane and code on the left and as I code I get instant feedback that’ll take me straight to an error with a single click.

I have C-c C-a globally bound to bring up the autotest window or switch back to the previous buffer. This lets me easily have the impl on one side and the test on the other and still be able to bring up autotest quickly and easily.