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One Pagers

Published 2012-05-28 @ 12:00

Tagged productivity

This is part of the One Pagers series.

This is an idea I got while working the early days at Amazon (this, and Meeting Free Tuesdays!). I’m pretty sure the idea is dead there, but I’ve held onto the concept and introduced it at pretty much every place I’ve worked since. I’m going to publish a series of the One Pagers I’ve written for AT&T as I think they can help most organizations.


´┐╝The Problem:

How do we communicate clearly in a business or technological setting?

The Solution:

Write a One Pager.

To write a good One Pager:

  • Write it in one page.
  • Put a date at the top, so people know if it’s fresh or stale.
  • Write a clear, short title.
  • Write a single sentence problem description in the form of a question.
  • Write the smallest solution description possible, while being complete and clear.
  • Favor lists over prose, so people can scan quickly.
  • Don’t editorialize. Avoid hyperbole and sales-speak. Avoid any extra styling.
  • Write clear descriptions of needs, goals, challenges, resources, and dependencies.
  • Shorter is always better.