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Automated Changelogs

Published 2012-05-29 @ 12:00

Tagged productivity

This is part of the One Pagers series.


The Problem:

How do we improve the content and creation of Changelogs?

The Solution:

Automate the creation of the Changelogs.

  • To automate your Changelogs:
  • Use a simple format when you commit:

Then use rake tasks from the hoe-git gem to generate your changelogs since the last release. Add the generated text to the changelog, commit, and release. This does imply that the person generating the changelog needs to use the svn-git bridge, but that is the case with all of our team leads already.

A Simple Example:

% git ci -m "+ Added lorem ipsum detection." lib test
% rake git:changelog | pbcopy
% emacs History.txt # add changes to the top
% git ci -m "prepping for release" .
% rake release VERSION=x.y.z

Will produce something like:


* N major enhancements:

  * blah blah blah...
  * blah blah blah...
  * ...

* M minor enhancements:

  * Added lorem ipsum detection.
  * blah blah blah...
  * ...

* P bug fixes:

  * blah blah blah...
  * blah blah blah...