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ParseTree EOL

Published 2009-04-21 @ 19:13

Tagged flay, flog, heckle, parsetree, rails, ruby, ruby2ruby, ruby_parser

There seems to be some confusion and/or panic about ParseTree that I’d like to clear up:

ParseTree is dead on ruby 1.9 and there is no plan to make it work.

Because of changes to internals in 1.9, ParseTree simply can not work. I asked for hooks/options to allow us to get to the information but they never arrived.

Specifically if you’re using ParseTree to access the AST of a live method/block/proc, you’re SOL. If you’re just using ParseTree to do static analysis, then you can switch to ruby_parser in about a minute of work and you’re good to go.

Here is the plan for my projects:

  • RubyToC- = switching to ruby_parser
  • flog-2.1.0 = switching to ruby_parser
  • heckle-1.4.2 = dead, unless we can think of something soon.
  • ruby2ruby-1.2.2 = dropping block/proc support.
  • ruby_parser-2.0.2 = no clue why it has a dependency still, no worries here.
  • ZenHacks-1.0.1 = dropping block/proc support – not that I support this.

I don’t know the status of most of the projects dependent on PT or how they’re going to deal with this issue. If you use one of these projects directly or indirectly and that project relies on PT for live method/block/proc, then you’re probably going to be stuck on 1.8 for a while:

  • SuperCaller-1.0.0 = unsupported - can drop live method support
  • ambition-0.5.4
  • argible-0.1.1
  • integrity-
  • merb-action-args-1.0.11
  • nitpick-1.0.2
  • protocol-0.8.1
  • red-4.1.7
  • reek-1.0.0 = probably doesn’t need live analysis
  • roodi-1.3.5
  • ruby_diff-0.2
  • rubyjs-0.8.0
  • sake-1.0.15
  • thorero-action-args-0.9.4

There are probably other projects out there dependent on PT that I don’t know about. All I’ve listed here are rubyforge gems that depend on PT in their gemspec.

You can check your gems using this:

  gem list | egrep "(ambition|argible|integrity|merb-action-args|nitpick|protocol|red|reek|roodi|ruby_diff|rubyjs|sake|thorero-action-args)"