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Published 2009-03-23 @ 15:57

Tagged vlad, zentest

autotest_screen made me happy. Someone much more interested in it took it over and gave it a good loving home. I want to do that with more of my stuff. I’ve got a lot of plugins for autotest and vlad that need to find good homes.

In return for taking on a plugin I will:

  • make you admin on the rubyforge project (so you can make official releases).
  • gemify it for you.
  • provide a home for it in my perforce repo (if you want).
  • help you get set up to take it over.
  • blog its release to announce its new home.

Autotest Plugins:

  • lib/autotest/camping.rb
  • lib/autotest/cctray.rb
  • lib/autotest/emacs.rb - ben kudria
  • lib/autotest/email_notify.rb
  • lib/autotest/fixtures.rb
  • lib/autotest/growl.rb
  • lib/autotest/heckle.rb
  • lib/autotest/html_report.rb
  • lib/autotest/jabber_notify.rb
  • lib/autotest/kdenotify.rb
  • lib/autotest/menu.rb
  • lib/autotest/migrate.rb
  • lib/autotest/notify.rb
  • lib/autotest/pretty.rb
  • lib/autotest/redgreen.rb - ben kudria
  • lib/autotest/shame.rb
  • lib/autotest/snarl.rb
  • lib/autotest/timestamp.rb

Vlad Plugins:

  • lib/vlad/darcs.rb
  • lib/vlad/git.rb - this is going to Wilson “Metal” Bilkovich
  • lib/vlad/god.rb
  • lib/vlad/lighttpd.rb
  • lib/vlad/merb.rb
  • lib/vlad/mercurial.rb
  • lib/vlad/mongrel.rb - wilson? unless you want it…
  • lib/vlad/nginx.rb - wilson? unless you want it…
  • lib/vlad/thin.rb

If you’re interested in any of these (or would like help releasing a plugin of your own for autotest or vlad but don’t know how) please drop me a line and let me know.


Wilson has stepped up to take nginx and mongrel if nobody else wants them.

Ben Kudria has adopted redgreen and emacs for autotest.