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Dusting off Vlad

Published 2009-03-05 @ 14:53

Tagged rails, ruby, vlad


As you can see by yesterday’s humongous release, I’m working on getting vlad lively again. My current plan is/was:

  1. [DONE] Get vlad on its feet.
  2. [DONE] Triage all bugs. Fix the biggies.
  3. [DONE] Pull as much as we can from The ClusterFuck™ (aka github).
  4. [DONE] Release 1.3.0
  5. Release 1.3.1 with any fixes from 1.3.0 fallout.
  6. Decide what the current 80% case is for rails these days and possibly change our defaults to fit that.
  7. Find owners for all other vlad plugins, split them off as separate gems (eg: vlad-mercurial, vlad-nginx, etc).
  8. Release 2.0.0, the newer, thinner, prettier vlad. Consider adding bows in vlad’s hair.

So, I’d like your feedback:

What is the current favored deployment strategy? (I mean in terms of actual numbers, not this week’s popular toy.)

Currently vlad has the following defaults:

  :app    => :mongrel,
  :scm    => :subversion,
  :web    => :apache,

Should any of these change?


I just deleted a bunch of comments chock-full with that railz0r “+1” horse-shit. The plural of anecdote is not data. I’m not asking people to vote. I’m asking for actual numbers on big installations out there. I want the few people who own the hardware the slices are running on, not the individuals using the slices.