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Gauntlet Kicks Ass

Published 2008-12-12 @ 16:57

Tagged gauntlet, parsetree, ruby2ruby, ruby_parser

% gauntlet report parsetree 47369 93.73% good 2011 3.98% bad 1160 2.30% skip … % gauntlet parse_tree … keyword_prospector-0.8.1 setup.rb: good ALL GOOD! kickstart- lib/extentions/array.rb: good lib/extentions/class.rb: bad KirbyBase-2.6 lib/kirbybase.rb: bad …

the fact that I can incrementally fix something and then run it against the known failures makes doing compatibility work via gauntlet pure joy. I’ve been using gauntlet to compare parse_tree to ruby_parser and to do round trips between ruby_parser and ruby2ruby. It’s finding a lot of stuff for me to work on.