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Need Ruby Text Editor Suggestions

Published 2008-11-21 @ 11:34

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One of my students is using Smultron and the more I poke at it (about an hour now), the more I hate it. Despite claiming to support ruby, it doesn’t have really simple features I’ve come to expect like “reindent code”. So, are there any suggestions for ruby text editors. Minimum requirements would be:

  • Mac OS X
  • GUI, preferably w/ tabs
  • Free (yes, that means TextMate is right out).
  • Easy to set up (preferably NO set up, that excludes vim and emacs)
  • actually knows ruby, meaning:
    • syntax highlighting
    • can navigate to classes/modules/methods easily
    • knows what the indentation should be and can reindent

(tho, now that I think about it, I should find a good editor for windows as well, those guys seem to have the same pain)

Edited to Add:

Apparently when you bring up a religious argument like text-editors it is free license to not bother reading what one is actually asking. To clarify:

  • textmate: not free
  • macvim: requires setup to be halfway usable. worse, it is a patently horrible UI.
  • jedit: latest doesn’t even launch, stable pretends to have reindent, but it doesn’t work in the slightest… worst “mac” app ever, nothing about it conforms to the usual osx experience.
  • komodo edit: doesn’t have reindent or navigation (that I could find). it obviously should know how, it marks appropriate fold points… but yeah. not usable.
  • textwrangler: again… no reindent. how hard is reading before suggesting?
  • aquaemacs: you’re suggesting something you’ve never used??? C’mon…

xcode… actually got the closest, but it’s reindent has a bug:

  class X
    def x
      if y then