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I Want Crazy

Published 2008-11-12 @ 01:21

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I want to start a software company that is described in one word: CRAZY.

I want each person to be independent, yet contribute to the interdependent whole. I want to create, buy, lease, or otherwise steal all the necessary technology to empower my team to do what we need to make outstanding software. I want the team to be able to solve any problem. I want Fridays to be contest day, where we all compete to solve a concrete or abstract problem in the most elegant, creative way possible, and give a prize to the winner. I want a multi-colored hair team. I want code reviews to have a drum beat. I want the team to be the cells in a living entity that can NOT BE STOPPED. I want to create amazing software that speaks to people and says “I can do what you want, with style.” I want our software to represent content, not marketing fluff. I want the members to teach each other everything they know. I want our words to be heard. I want our software to be seen. I want our solutions to be admired and respected. I want our team to be egoless, yet completely confident. I want managers to code. I want coders to manage. I want to have SWAT team uniforms for each member (not necessary for everyday work–just for 3rd party intimidation). I want money to be a non-issue. I want schedule to be determined by the team. I want personality, character, and culture in every team member. I want us to transcend stereotypes. I want us to transcend “average” software. I want us to transcend all barriers.

I want us to enjoy delivering what people REALLY want.

I wrote this many years ago. I still want this… slowly getting closer…