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I'm in lexer hell

Published 2008-10-07 @ 20:13

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% ruby -e ‘p %=abc=’ -e:1: syntax error, unexpected $end % ruby -e ‘x = %=abc=; p x’ “abc”

There are soooo many stupid little edge cases in the ruby language that it is nearly impossible to write a parser for it that isn’t completely convoluted.

I’ve always wondered how much ruby we’d have left if we just cut out the weird and/or overly complicated stuff.

Possible things to remove:

  • Nested interpolation. "blah#{"blah#{"blah"}blah"}blah"
  • Emacs keybinding escapes: "\C-\M-a" # => "\201"
  • 1400 extra % thingies: %s(blah) #=> :blah

There are 28 cases of my lexer checking lex_state and 63 cases where the lexer is setting lex_state. That by itself is absolutely fine. It is the additional 17 cases where the parser TELLS the lexer what the lexer state is that absolutely terrifies me.