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OmniFocus: Schedule Followup (applescript)

Published 2008-09-21 @ 22:51

Tagged thoughts, toys, productivity, applescript, omnifocus

Thanks to Tim @ Omni for pushing out a quick fix to allow this script to be. I’ve already used it half a dozen times:

  -- schedule a followup of the selected items 7 days from now... more to come
  tell application "OmniFocus"
    tell first document window of front document
      set thetrees to selected trees of content
      repeat with idx from 1 to count of thetrees
        set atask to value of item idx of thetrees
        set newtask to duplicate atask to after atask
        set due date of newtask to (due date of newtask) + (86400 * 7)
        set name of newtask to "Followup: " & name of newtask
      end repeat
    end tell
  end tell