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Are you a developer or a script-kiddie?

Published 2008-06-23 @ 17:19

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    <scriptkiddie> Anyone know how RubyInline chooses its tempory directory?
                   I have an app running as one user, but ImageScience
                   (which uses ruby_inline) is trying to write to
    <zenspider> scriptkiddie: did you look?
    <zenspider> scriptkiddie: did you even remotely bother to look?
    <zenspider> I mean... you ARE a developer, right?
    <scriptkiddie> I googled. Didn't see anything immediately about
                   ruby inline tempory directories
    <teferi> Did you try looking at the source?
    <zenspider> this is a huge pet peeve of mine
    <zenspider> so, calibrate accordingly
    <scriptkiddie> No, digging through the source is after nobody
                   can answer such a siple question.

I simply don’t get it. Never have. I’m of the opinion that real developers read at least as much code as they write. That they’re driven to learn and they do that by exploring. I have this in mind when I design my developer tools, and I keep my code as short and clear as possible. I try to make the job easier to look through my code. I don’t get it when I see blindly-unthinking questions like the above.

(I guess I should also add that the question is easily answered with basic googling… so, yeah.)

So… are you a developer, or a script-kiddie? Do you want to hone your craft? Improve your code? Improve yourself? Or do you do the minimal job possible to get by and go home for the day? Do you rely on the knowledge and skills of others to do your job?