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miniunit needs a new name

Published 2008-04-24 @ 06:38

Tagged ruby, thoughts

I’ve restructured and added to miniunit:


All this fun in less than a thousand lines, tests included!

So obviously it needs a new name. I was thinking of calling it “Mini de Sade” for fun, but it really doesn’t convey what it does (other than hurt other code–tee hee!). I also searched through the dictionary looking for other possibilities:

  % egrep -i "m.*(t.*s|s.*t)|t.*(m.*s|s.*m)|s.*(m.*t|t.*m)" /usr/share/dict/words | ruby -e 'p STDIN.read.split(/\n/).sort_by { |s| s.length }.first(11)'
  ["must", "mist", "mast", "stem", "smit", "stum", "smut", "most", "myst", "stim", "stam"]

And I gotta say, I kinda like MuST. I used that as inspiration already. I’ve also decided that “should” is too wishy-washy and switched to “must” in mini/spec.rb. (Don’t worry, I made it easy to add your shoulds if you so desire).

(ooh. smut == specs, mocks, and unit tests)

Any naming suggestions?