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Looking for the Ruby Quickref?

I'd die of typing

Published 2008-04-02 @ 00:34

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just look at that url for a second… (if it doesn’t go off screen, that is)

the domain… sure. whatever.
viewvc. yeah. k.
webservices/xmlrpc/trunk/server/src/main/java – damn… we haven’t even hit code yet!
org/apache/xmlrpc/server – WE STILL haven’t hit code yet!?!

and then… the kicker:


wtf? … wow. check it:

  public interface RequestProcessorFactoryFactory { ... }

this thing declares an interface for a factory that produces other factories that produce things that process requests. processing requests… request processing. factory of factory of… I feel like the lawyer in Idiocracy. duuuh… errr. ummm.

How many freakin’ levels of indirection does this world need? It’s not even a class.

kill. me. now.

(Via Labnotes » Rounded Corners - 196.)