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Hoe 1.5: author and email are now required

Published 2008-01-31 @ 01:25

Tagged Seattle.rb, ruby, hoe

As of this writing there are 197 authors creating 325 hoe’d projects, approximately 12.5% of all gems! Holy crap that is just awesome and I’m glad that people have benefitted from it.

I wrote 15 of them. I also apparently wrote 22 others, because those projects didn’t specify their author or email values. Instead, it defaulted to mine. Why did it default to mine? Because I wrote hoe to make my Rakefiles as skinny as possible. I also did it because I thought it was funny that I wrote 37 (11%!) projects instead of 15 (only 3%)! I’m so prolific!

Well, it got boring and man do I hate boring.

So, in hoe 1.5, author and email are now mandatory values and will warn about needing to set them for the next 3 months. After that it’ll start to throw a fit. The cool thing is that you can now use the developer(name, email) method to set both in a nice clean manner. Look at the previous blog post for an example.

If it makes you feel better, I have 13 more Rakefiles to fix. :)