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No Longer Secret

Published 2007-12-05 @ 20:37

Tagged ruby, parsetree, rubinius

I’m currently on a plane flying home from the bay area. I just spent the last two days participating in the latest rubinius sprint. (I had to go hem early to teach my ruby class).

So, we got the go ahead/mandate to drop the secrecy. Eric Hodel and I are joining Evan Phoenix at Engine Yard to work on rubinius. This is just about the most bad-ass job I could possibly get (my dreams of becoming an astronaut long-dashed against the rocks of horrible vision and only marginally better grades).

I’m only just digging in. Last night I made some changes to autotest that will make it possible to be used with mspec (rubinius’ mini version of rspec). This should help accelerate development.

I’m also feverishly working on a new ruby parser written in pure ruby (+ racc) that outputs the same as ParseTree. I’m 99% done (measuring against my tests + dynamic tests generated from stdlib+all my rubygems). I hope to have a release soon. It does have a long way to go after correctness has been addressed. Namely, it is a port of a port and could use a lot of clean-up esp now that we have the true power of ruby behind it.

Anyhow. I’m terribly excited by this. I can’t wait to see where we go next.