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RubyHitSquad: 4 days of intense fun

Published 2007-08-13 @ 20:38

Tagged rubyhitsquad, rails, ruby

“The Ruby Hit Squad has been activated”… that was the message I sent people, and less than 2 weeks later, it happened.

From Saturday, August 4th to Tuesday, August 7th, the Ruby Hit Squad was in full effect. We flew in the prodigious Wilson Bilkovich from Florida, holed ourselves up, and 4 days later we had an all but polished product: Vlad the Deployer.

Severely tired, it took a little while to get the last of it polished off, but we finally got Vlad out the door. We did 94 commits in the first 4 days, and another 42 following to get the release polished up and out the door. It is probably the best that Eric or I have done wrt spit and polish on a 1.0 release, with impl, tests, a fairly complete website, and rdoc. I’m quite happy with it.

I had sooo much fun doing this. I hope that the hit squad can be activated again soon… Right after my nap.