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YARR! Thar be mutiny!

Published 2007-06-20 @ 15:17

Tagged ruby, rails

zenspider: today be the day
terraalien: Sure is :)
terraalien: I’ve contemplated picking it back up… but I have a five day old I’d rather spend time with :)
zenspider: fair ‘nuff
zenspider: would ye like to craft a hand-off eeee-mail?
terraalien: Sure.

zenspider: yarr matie. ye be sending the email handing over the ship or we mutiny and throw ye overboard!
terraalien: Sorry… it’s turned in to a blog post… it is in progress, though, I promise.
zenspider: yarrrrr ruby core don’t be readin’ yer blog
terraalien: I’ll send out an email with a link :)
zenspider: that be acceptable matie

Yarr! We mutiny and be takin’ over test/unit!!! She’s a saucy wench with too much meat on ‘er bones for our taste. Expect an over’aul soon! Savvy?