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"wow that is a lot" vs feeling overwhelmed

Published 2007-05-17 @ 00:05

Tagged thoughts, rails, ruby

Seattle.rb is now at 22 projects and all but 5 have 2007 release dates! And 2 of those 5 have stuff nearing release. Not all of those projects are mine by any means, but still. It makes more sense now why I’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed. I’m on 19 groups on rubyforge now, all but 5 of them being mine or me being a principal instead of on the side.

With that in mind, it felt really good when I took everything in my multiple email inboxen older than march and nuked em. I’m really sorry if that was one of yours but I just can’t handle the amount I had and I’d rather start over. I’m not exactly doing that, since I didn’t just nuke everything, but it is a hefty load removed (down to 65 email). My goal for the month is to catch up on what I have left and try to keep it at a maintainable level for the rest of the year. Between the rubyforge bug dbs, a skinnier inbox, and loving omnifocus, I’m hoping to have things under control shortly.