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RejectConf 2007 Final Details

Published 2007-05-18 @ 14:56

Tagged rails, ruby, thoughts

<img src=”http://vanity.zenspider.com/~ryan/mov/rejectconf_logo.png” width=500/>

  • Who: The first 125 people.
  • What: see above
  • Where: FREE GEEK - 1731 SE 10th Ave
  • When: Saturday 8PM - whenever
  • Why: If you have to ask, you’re not invited. :P

The general format is this: The Gong Show. Anyone can talk about pretty much anything they want (non-commercial please). If you’re razzed off the stage, suck it up and get off the stage. Talks are sorted by estimated talk time, shortest first. That way we can see the most candy possible.