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Released toggle.el v 1.2 and autotest.el 1.0 beta 2

Published 2007-04-08 @ 00:42

Tagged emacs, rails, ruby

I just released toggle.el, version 1.2 and autotest.el 1.0 beta 2.

Get them via: http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/RyanDavis


toggle.el allows you to quickly open corresponding files via a dynamic mapping. In this release I added some bug fixes and a mapping for rspec.

There are now 4 different mapping styles in this version: zentest, rails, rspec, and ruby. Feel free to submit more and I’ll incorporate them.

Example Mapping (rspec style):

  app/models/blah.rb      <-> spec/models.blah_spec.rb
  app/controllers/blah.rb <-> spec/controllers/blah_spec.rb
  app/views/blah.rb       <-> spec/views/blah_spec.rb
  app/helpers/blah.rb     <-> spec/helpers/blah_spec.rb


autotest.el is a godsend for me. It runs all my tests inside emacs itself, providing hyperlinks in backtraces and the ability to quickly switch between the autotest output and the last buffer I was working in. The combination of autotest.el and autotest speeds me up tremendously.