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what the hell is wrong with subversion??!!??

Published 2007-03-17 @ 01:11

Tagged thoughts

I’m running a script to gather SVN details for a graph I’d like to make. I’ve done this before in perforce and it takes about 5-10 minutes to run. HOURS! HOURS this has run in subversion. Compare:


  % time svn diff -r1743:1744 https://svn.example.com/project/trunk > /dev/null
  real 0m8.183s
  user 0m0.179s
  sys  0m0.049s


  % time p4 describe 3037 > /dev/null
  real 0m0.867s
  user 0m0.039s
  sys  0m0.091s

Am I doing something horribly wrong? All the doco I can find says that this is the way to get the diffs for a single revision, yet… 10x slower? Hell, CVS is faster!


Some have suggested that it is SSL negotiation. For that I offer the following:

  % svn up
  At revision 2761.
  % time svn -u st -N > /dev/null    
  real	0m2.681s
  user	0m0.119s
  sys	0m0.045s
  % time svn diff -r2759:2760 https://svn.example.com/project/trunk > /dev/null
  real	0m9.189s
  user	0m0.187s
  sys	0m0.055s

A 3x increase in time for a 20 line diff??? Nuh uh. Not SSL.