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burnout and the late night rant

Published 2007-02-28 @ 00:38

Tagged thoughts, ruby

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. The OSS burnout is a bit high right now. (Pardon my French.)

23:54  zenspider : ARGH!!! I'm so fucking close to giving up on open
                   source and telling all you fucks to bite me.
23:54       evan : zenspider: what happened now?
23:55       evan : people again?
23:55  zenspider : yes. as weinburg points out, it is ALWAYS a people
00:02  zenspider : I'm just sick of the fucking leeches and their
                   incessant drain. take everything, offer nothing,
                   and bitch about the results.
00:02  zenspider : what they don't realize is that I didn't write ANY of
                   my code for them. I wrote it for me because I love
                   coding. I _happened_ to release it all simply because
                   I can and like to share, but I still didn't write it
                   for them.
00:03  zenspider : but lately I've been tempted to pull it all and walk
00:03       evan : zenspider: so just ignore them.
00:03  zenspider : it gets hard
00:04       evan : or make friends with someone that will take care of
                   that crap for ya
00:04  zenspider : it was easier back in the day, but the railz0rs come
                   in droves
00:04       evan : yep.
00:04       evan : it's all PHP's fault.
00:04       evan : really.
00:06  zenspider : honestly, I blame it not on technology, but greed.
                   it was the dot-com bubble that brought people to the
                   scene who weren't there for the love of code or the
                   love of creating, but for greed.
00:06  zenspider : and the greed of the suits made them lower the bar and
                   bring in less qualified people which forced us all to
                   compromise and slow down, release crap slower instead
                   of quality faster
00:06       evan : i agree 100%
00:07  zenspider : lower the standards so we kept them even when they
                   couldn't perform
00:07  zenspider : and now it is just happening again, web2 is simply
                   rebranded greed
00:08  zenspider : none of it has changed my love for coding
00:08  zenspider : but it has changed my desire to contribute