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4 releases went out the door

Published 2006-10-11 @ 23:48

Tagged ruby, parsetree, rubyinline, Seattle.rb

I just finished releasing:

  • hoe 1.1.1
  • RubyInline 3.6.1
  • ParseTree 1.6.0
  • and new to the (official) family: ruby2ruby 1.1.0!
% sudo gem update hoe RubyInline ParseTree
% sudo gem install ruby2ruby

The biggies are:

  • ParseTree just got a major enema. 2k lines o’ diff with an overall net loss of 800 loc. Awesome
  • ParseTree’s new testing infrastructure is solid as all hell.
  • and it is circularly validated via ruby2ruby’s tests.
  • We flushed out a bunch of completely unknown bugs by this process. About 6 nodes were broken in one way or another.

Also of note:

  • mingw32 patches for RubyInline
  • lots and lots of nice little bug fixes and enhancements all over.