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ruby obfuscator is getting very very close

Published 2006-05-10 @ 03:45

Tagged ruby2c, ruby

Phase 1: All the unit tests are passing.

Phase 2: We can even obfuscate the unit tests and run the binary version of them and they still pass.

Phase 3: We’re currently working on obfuscating the obfuscator itself and passing the unit tests a third time.

We’ve got 6 methods (out of 56) not translating. 2 of them I think I can do w/o too much hassle, but the other 4 (all 1 related issue) are a PITA (closure semantics just don’t map to C very well). I think I just brainstormed a solution that may actually work once I have rested my brain some.

One nice thing is that every lesson we learn from the obfuscator is something we can potentially use to improve ruby2c.

That said, we’re damn close to having a full-fledged ruby obfuscator that we’ll make commercially available in the near future.