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Looking for the Ruby Quickref?


Published 2006-04-18 @ 14:06

Tagged ruby, thoughts, toys

So, about 2 years ago or so I stumbled upon a paper that was a semi/pseudo-academic epidemiology study of zombie infections. First off… HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!? Needless to say, I was fascinated and, later, obsessed.

I was also pissed off that SDL didn’t play well with ruby, especially on OSX at the time. Very pissed. Like, “talking to rubycentral about getting a fund going to buy up used ibooks to send to developers” pissed. Once we got SDL patched up I could play with my zombies and send the iBooks off to other devs to improve other things that didn’t play nicely with ruby on osx (or just with ruby in general) (*).

That said, wait long enough and a project will either improve, or die. In this case SDL improved support for OSX and someone scratched up a fairly good document for getting it up and running. So I did. Now I have ZOMBIES! I wrote this in about a day up at Whistler right after Canada on Rails:

No biggie for a lot of you, but I’ve NEVER done graphics programming, simulations, or “games” (applied loosely here). That… and ZOMBIES!

*) Of course I dropped the ball, but I’m still interested in this idea. An iBook lending library type thing would be really awesome. We could send one over to Japan and get our PPC memory collision bug fixed once and for all.