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great hacking tonight

Published 2006-03-22 @ 02:34

Tagged ruby, emacs, zentest

Tonight’s Seattle.rb weekly hackfest featured Francis Hwang who is in Washington visiting his family this week. Good food and much fun was had. Eric Hodel and I did some bug squashing and feature implementing on ZenTest. We actually closed out every bug on ZenTest so I’ll be releasing tomorrow!

I also wrote a small emacs library called toggle.el that lets you teach it a bunch of patterns so it can easily toggle between two related files. A simple example of that is “blah.rb and “test_blah.rb”, but I’ve provided it with patterns to work with rubygems-style “lib/blah.rb” and “test/test_blah.rb” and rails-style “app/model/blah.rb” and “test/unit/blah_test.rb” as well. It is pretty clean and you can use it for any languages you want. I’ve been wanting this in emacs for a while and am surprised that I haven’t found something like it yet (the reason I got on #emacs was “most people probably roll their own”). I’ll be releasing that tomorrow as well.