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catching up

Published 2006-02-21 @ 20:47

Tagged thoughts

I’ve been really bad at posting lately. Most of it is sheer laziness. I’ve been happily unemployed for the last three months (woo!) and digging through a bunch of esoterica. That has been mostly focused on doing software archeology, gathering miscellaneous source code from all of the machines I’ve had access to over time and putting them in one place. I’ve written a script to show a top level listing by overall newness (newest file in a directory subtree is the age of the directory) and categorized those into “new”, “stale”, “old”, and “ancient” and exploring in reverse chronological order.

Damn has it been interesting reading some of my code (mostly ruby, but some applescript, bash, python, and perl) from 5 years ago! I’m hoping to reawaken some of those mini-projects and show some new stuff on here soon.