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Seattle PHP Weenies, Part 2, the revenge--this time, it's personal!

Published 2006-01-11 @ 14:58

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Eric was right, this guy isn’t (just) xenophobic, he is paranoid:

“[…] But just ‘HAPPENING’ to be at the PHP meetup and just ‘HAPPENING’ to run the RUBY meetup and taking the time to pass out business cards and come to our forum and talk about how RUBY can handle 4 millions hits a month? That’s not coincedence… that’s just plain RUDE.”

I was just happening to have dinner sitting 10 feet from them at a cafe literally 2 blocks from my house on the night that they had their meeting… Coincedence? Yeah, right. It must be a conspiracy!

Poor little fragile blossom…

I’ll leave you with the only proper summary of this guy’s brain, courtesy of Jello Biafra:

“Must be some kind of conspiracy
The whole world’s a God damn conspiracy
Look anywhere long enough, you’re gonna find a conspiracy
Man, LIFE is a conspiracy!”

Can God Fill Teeth? by Lard on The Last Temptation of Reid