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I have dinner, and mortally offend local PHP group...

Published 2006-01-10 @ 00:35

Tagged thoughts

I found the following post on the local PHP group’s meetup blog recently:

“[…] we had the wonderful experience of having one of the people who runs the Seattle RUBY Meetup stop on by and preach about how great RUBY was and pass out business cards to invite people to the RUBY meetup. […] Still I have to ask… for that kind of blatant, ballsy kind of self promotion, is this something that we should ask them to leave?”

and from a different guy:

“[…] I pretty much pigeonholed him as a language bigot, which IMO is just about the most worthless brand of developer there is. So while I don’t have a problem with Ruby developers, I had something of a problem with THAT developer. […] I think any developer who uses one and only one language is just being stupid, and when he stops looking at other languages altogether he goes tumbling into the abyss of loserdom. I think we can all recognise a loser when we see one, so let’s just trust everyone to know who the losers are and ignore them.”

(emphasis, of course, is all mine)

WOW! Talk about xenophobia! I went from having dinner (btw, Red Line Cafe in Seattle has really good sammiches) to mortally offending some fragile blossoms! A completely unintended consequence simply by having an external viewpoint from theirs!