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old milestone list--for reference

Published 2005-11-21 @ 16:22

Tagged metaruby, planning

This was our old milestone list for metaruby/ruby2c. It does not reflect current status, but status then (approx 2004-10).

  1. (done) parse_tree.rb
  2. (done) 1st compilable unit
  3. (done) massive cleanup and rearchitecture (node class and SexpProcessor composite class)
  4. basic sexp interpreter (numerics), use that to drive the doco for the ruby subset we support.
  5. advanced sexp interpreter (objects)

basic units/goals (in no order)

  • memory allocation & deallocation
  • sexp interpreter + documented ruby subset
  • array
  • object
  • string
  • inlining

huge units/goals:

  • parser
  • runtime