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OOPSLA/RubyConf wrapup

Published 2005-10-25 @ 19:41

Tagged thoughts

(Notes from the plane home from OOPSLA/RubyConf)

1) Irons in the fire:

  • Dave Simmons of SmallScript fame wants to work on our system to produce ST80 bytecode from ruby.
  • A number of people want to improve RI, hacks, and PT, esp for windows. This will help us get more people using them.
  • John Lam is interested for his ruby/CLR bridge.
  • A number of people wanted to look at ruby2ruby to do refactoring tools.
  • Don Roberts/John Brandt are extending their current refactoring toolset to generate entire tool suites for other languages. We should bug them for ruby in a month or so.
  • Made some good business contacts. Mainly consultants like Russ (bay area pattern’s group

2) Potential new projects/demos:

  • irb state saver (done, in 8 lines)
  • r2yarv / r2st80 bytecode translator
  • stock market toys/tools
  • good demo on how to write refactoring tools for ruby
  • fucking get over it and write a ruby parser/lexer, warts and all
  • rubyholic website
  • code coverage tool
  • rule based tracing
  • release zero2rails
  • pure ruby PNG (maybe translatable to C)
  • BFTS - new name of rubicon fork