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RubyGems Hackfest Weekend 1: More Details

Published 2005-05-30 @ 16:19

Tagged ruby

Here is a breakdown of what we did:

=Card # =Title =Risk =Estimate =Spent
1 Package List Low 1 hr 4 hr
2 autorequire should be a list, not a string Low 2.5h T + .5h C 3h
3 Binwrappers vs symlinks Low 1.5h 2h
10 No more Date High 3h 4h
11 gemrc settings like cvsrc Med 2h 1h

Behind the scenes was a lot of test refactoring as well. The old tests relied on you running the tests from the parent directory of the tests and also had a fair amount of redundancy in a couple of classes. I popped in an abstract superclass on top of all the tests that set up a temporary directory for everything to go and extra methods to create gems and files quickly.

Our next weekend will be spent on 6 more cards, but I won’t go into detail on those because, well, we want to do them. :)