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making progress on metaruby and ruby2c

Published 2005-03-10 @ 01:13

Tagged ruby, metaruby, ruby2c

Things have slowed down of late. I think that means that we have reached a new plateau, and that can certainly be considered a good thing. Eric and I have started moving on the metaruby side as a forcing function to get ruby2c even more complete. We’ve also done a better job of illustrating what ruby2c really is in relation to itself, extension writers, metaruby, and the rest of the parse tree family. I hope to have this blogged in the near future.

We’ve been wanting to do something called ping-pong pairing, to force us to switch more and get us even more robust code. It is an interesting idea but we haven’t been able to sit and code for a while. I’ve been doing it with myself though, using ruby2c and metaruby and DAMN, it works well. Granted, I have easy pickings right now as we are at the front of the project, not the back, but still. I have this mental image of me wearing my metaruby hat finding something that doesn’t work (equivalent to a failed unit test). Then I switch to my ruby2c hat and trudge over to that emacs buffer and fix it. This usually causes a new breakage over in metaruby, so I get to trudge back… Clean separation, and a nice forcing function for me to get both more robust.

Now… if only I weren’t on the bus while doing this…