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Published 2005-02-07 @ 21:49

Tagged ruby, metaruby, parsetree, ruby2c, toys

drbrain (9:42): my machine just did factorial of 5!

zenspider (9:42): yay!

drbrain (9:43): it takes just under 1 second to pull the ParseTree of demo/factorial.rb all the way out to a result

zenspider (9:44): are you shitting me??? ONE SECOND?

drbrain (9:45): $ time ruby run.rb demo/factorial.rb Machine Stack: [120] Call Stack: #<Stack:0x31c6ec @sp=0, @fp=0, @stack=[:stack_empty, 3, 120, :stack_empty, :stack_empty, :stack_empty, :stack_empty, 79, 120, :stack_empty, :stack_empty, :stack_empty, :stack_empty, 22, 120, :stack_empty, :stack_empty, :stack_empty, :stack_empty]> Returned: 120

real    0m1.053s user    0m0.810s sys     0m0.040s

drbrain (9:45): now I need to get it simplified down enough to run through ruby2c