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January Seattle.rb is crazy

Published 2005-01-28 @ 22:06

Tagged Seattle.rb, ruby

Having a ruby celebrity come to your meeting has its advantages. Because of the 37 signals Basecamp workshop, David Heinemeier Hansson of Ruby-on-Rails fame has come to our meeting this month. We just had 6 extra people (from vancouver it turns out!) come in to an already large group. I don’t want to sound like I’m (mis-)quoting clerks here, but… SIXTEEN! This is, by far, our largest Seattle.rb meeting (without offering food).

Also very nice is to be able to get face to face time with the man. I’ll be able to ask all the questions I’ve had in the past.

Make that 17.

I think we need more celebrity coders to show up to our meetings!

One of the outcomes of our meeting is our codefest proposal. I’m awaiting responses from the PDX folk (sorry I’ve been so tardy, I’m catching up, really) and I’ll have it done and in on time. I hope. :)