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by ryan davis


ruby_parser version 3.9.0 has been released!

Published 2017-04-13 @ 17:10

ruby_parser (RP) is a ruby parser written in pure ruby (utilizing racc–which does by default use a C extension). RP’s output is the same as ParseTree’s output: s-expressions using ruby’s arrays and base types.

As an example:

def conditional1 arg1
  return 1 if arg1 == 0
  return 0


s(:defn, :conditional1, s(:args, :arg1),
    s(:call, s(:lvar, :arg1), :==, s(:lit, 0)),
    s(:return, s(:lit, 1)),
  s(:return, s(:lit, 0)))

Tested against 801,039 files from the latest of all rubygems (as of 2013-05):

  • 1.8 parser is at 99.9739% accuracy, 3.651 sigma
  • 1.9 parser is at 99.9940% accuracy, 4.013 sigma
  • 2.0 parser is at 99.9939% accuracy, 4.008 sigma


3.9.0 / 2017-04-13

  • 1 major enhancement:

    • Added tentative ruby 2.4 support. Probably missing things.
  • 13 minor enhancements:

    • Added RubyParser.latest.
    • Added RubyParser::Parser.version to make version range comparisons easier
    • Changed superclasses of all parsers to RubyParser::Parser
    • Cleaned up a lot of the version specific code to be more generic/flexible.
    • Documented how to add new versions in README.
    • Moved RubyParser from ruby_parser_extras.rb into ruby_parser.rb to fix bootstrap issues.
    • Renamed RubyParserStuff#get_match_node to new_match. Aliased and deprecated.
    • Renamed RubyParserStuff#logop to logical_op. Aliased and deprecated.
    • Renamed RubyParserStuff#node_assign to new_assign. Aliased and deprecated.
    • Renamed all parsers to RubyParser::V##.
    • Revamped grammar preprocessing to make adding new versions easier.
    • RubyParser.for_current_ruby falls back to latest if current not available.
    • Subclasses of RubyParser::Parser register themselves into RubyParser::VERSIONS.
  • 4 bug fixes:

    • Fixed &. after newline. (presidentbeef)
    • Fixed bug setting line number for hash literals to line of opening brace.
    • Fixed grammar preprocessing bug.
    • Properly handle kDO with no-parens stabby lambda. (presidentbeef)
  • home: https://github.com/seattlerb/ruby_parser
  • bugs: https://github.com/seattlerb/ruby_parser/issues
  • rdoc: http://docs.seattlerb.org/ruby_parser