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by ryan davis


imap_processor version 1.5 has been released!

Published 2014-08-06 @ 17:00

IMAPProcessor is a client for processing messages on an IMAP server. It provides some basic mechanisms for connecting to an IMAP server, determining capabilities and handling messages.

IMAPProcessor ships with several executables which can query and manipulate IMAP mailboxes in several different ways:

imap_archive :: Archives old messages to a new dated mailbox. imap_cleanse :: Delete messages older than a certain age in specified mailboxes. imap_flag :: Flag messages to/from certain people. imap_idle :: Shows new messages in a mailbox. imap_keywords :: Queries an IMAP server for keywords set on messages imap_learn :: Flags messages based on what you’ve flagged before. imap_mkdir :: Ensures that certain mailboxes exist.


1.5 / 2014-08-06

  • 3 major enhancements:

    • IMAPProcessor#process_args now returns an array of option hashes.
    • IMAPProcessor.run now enumerates the array returned from process_args.
    • You can now specify multiple host configs w/ an array of hashes in your config files.
  • 4 minor enhancements:

    • Added –merge to imap_archive.
    • Added –noop/-n to manually disable destructive actions. (needs to propagate down).
    • Added imap_cleanse, imap_flag, imap_learn; migrated from IMAPCleanse.
    • Added support for LOGIN. (bleything)
  • 7 bug fixes:

    • Fixed initializers in flag and cleanse.
    • Fixed odd bug w/ running on empty folders. Never saw that before. odd…
    • Handle unparsable date entries. Stupid spammers…
    • Now calculating latest month when not splitting directly from the date
    • Removed 1.9/2.0 warnings.
    • Removed dead rubyforge setting in Rakefile
    • Split was still defaulting to true.
  • http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/imap_processor