🕷 software releases

by ryan davis


flay version 2.1.0 has been released!

Published 2013-02-13 @ 17:33

Flay analyzes code for structural similarities. Differences in literal values, variable, class, method names, whitespace, programming style, braces vs do/end, etc are all ignored. Making this totally rad.


2.1.0 / 2013-02-13

  • 5 minor enhancements:

    • Added –timeout option. Defaults to 10 seconds.
    • Added ability for plugins to define options_ method to extend options.
    • Flay no longer defaults to ‘.’ if no args given. Allows plugins to do more
    • Moved #analyze down to #report. #process only processes, nothing more.
    • Sort output for more stable reporting. Better for diffing against, my dear.
  • home: http://ruby.sadi.st/
  • rdoc: http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/flay
  • repo: https://github.com/seattlerb/flay