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by ryan davis


ruby_parser version 3.0.0.a7 has been released!

Published 2012-09-21 @ 14:38

ruby_parser (RP) is a ruby parser written in pure ruby (utilizing racc–which does by default use a C extension). RP’s output is the same as ParseTree’s output: s-expressions using ruby’s arrays and base types.

As an example:

def conditional1(arg1) if arg1 == 0 then return 1 end return 0 end


s(:defn, :conditional1, s(:args, :arg1), s(:scope, s(:block, s(:if, s(:call, s(:lvar, :arg1), :==, s(:arglist, s(:lit, 0))), s(:return, s(:lit, 1)), nil), s(:return, s(:lit, 0)))))


3.0.0.a7 / 2012-09-21

  • 3 minor enhancements:

    • Reorganized ruby_parse_extract_error so it will start much faster with a bunch of glob directories
    • RubyParserStuff#process takes optional time arg and raises Timeout::Error if it goes too long. You should rescue that, ya know…
    • ruby_parse_extract_error now checks *.rake and Rakefile on dir scan.
  • 3 bug fixes:

    • 1.9: Fixed ternary state tracking so {a:f{f()},b:nil} won’t trip up the lexer.
    • Fixed optional values in block args (no20/no21)
    • ruby_parse_extract_error skips non-files. Some asshats put .rb on their dirs. :(
  • rdoc: http://docs.seattlerb.org/ruby_parser
  • home: https://github.com/seattlerb/ruby_parser
  • bugs: https://github.com/seattlerb/ruby_parser/issues