🕷 software releases

by ryan davis


minitest version 2.3.0 has been released!

Published 2011-06-17 @ 17:47

minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities supporting TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking.

minitest/unit is a small and incredibly fast unit testing framework. It provides a rich set of assertions to make your tests clean and readable.

minitest/spec is a functionally complete spec engine. It hooks onto minitest/unit and seamlessly bridges test assertions over to spec expectations.

minitest/benchmark is an awesome way to assert the performance of your algorithms in a repeatable manner. Now you can assert that your newb co-worker doesn’t replace your linear algorithm with an exponential one!

minitest/mock by Steven Baker, is a beautifully tiny mock object framework.

minitest/pride shows pride in testing and adds coloring to your test output.

minitest/unit is meant to have a clean implementation for language implementors that need a minimal set of methods to bootstrap a working test suite. For example, there is no magic involved for test-case discovery.


2.3.0 / 2011-06-15

  • 5 minor enhancements:

    • Add setup and teardown hooks to MiniTest::TestCase. (phiggins)
    • Added nicer error messages for MiniTest::Mock. (phiggins)
    • Allow for less specific expected arguments in Mock. (bhenderson/phiggins)
    • Made MiniTest::Mock a blank slate. (phiggins)
    • Refactored minitest/spec to use the hooks instead of define_inheritable_method. (phiggins)
  • 2 bug fixes:

    • Fixed TestCase’s inherited hook. (dchelimsky/phiggins/jamis, the ‘good’ neighbor)
    • MiniTest::Assertions#refute_empty should use mu_pp in the default message. (whatthejeff)
  • http://rubyforge.org/projects/bfts