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by ryan davis


rubygems 1.5.0 has been released

Published 2011-01-31 @ 17:41

rubygems version 1.5.0 has been released!

RubyGems is a package management framework for Ruby.

This gem is an update for the RubyGems software. You must have an installation of RubyGems before this update can be applied.

See Gem for information on RubyGems (or ri Gem)

To upgrade to the latest RubyGems, run:

$ gem update --system  # you might need to be an administrator or root

See UPGRADING.rdoc for more details and alternative instructions.

If you don’t have any RubyGems install, there is still the pre-gem approach to getting software, doing it manually:

  • Download from: https://rubygems.org/pages/download
  • Unpack into a directory and cd there
  • Install with: ruby setup.rb # you may need admin/root privilege

For more details and other options, see:

ruby setup.rb --help


1.5.0 / 2011-01-31

Major Enhancements:

  • Finally fixed all known 1.9.x issues. Upgrading is now possible!
  • Merged huge 1.3.7/ruby-core changes to master.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Added UPGRADING.rdoc to help deal with 1.9 issues.
  • Gem::Format now gives better errors for corrupt gem files and includes paths
  • Pre-install hooks can now abort gem installation by returning false
  • Move shareable TestCase classes to lib/ to help plugin authors with tests.
  • Add post-build hooks that can cancel the gem install
  • Always require custom_require now that require_gem is gone
  • Added GemInstaller accessors for @options so plugins can reference them.
  • Optimized Gem.find_files. ~10% faster than 1.4.2. ~40% faster than ruby 1.9.
  • Gem::SilentUI now behaves like Gem::StreamUI for asking questions. Patch by Erik Hollensbe.

Bug Fixes:

  • gem update was implicitly doing –system.
  • 1.9.3: Fixed encoding errors causing gem installs to die during rdoc phase.
  • Add RubyForge URL to README. Closes #28825
  • 1.9.3: Use chdir {} when building extensions to prevent warnings. Fixes #4337
  • 1.9.2: Fix circular require warning.
  • Make requiring openssl even lazier at request of NaHi
  • gem unpack will now download the gem if it is not in the cache. Patch by Erik Hollensbe.
  • rubygems-update lists its development dependencies again