🕷 software releases

by ryan davis


minitest version 1.4.0 has been released!

Published 2009-06-18 @ 00:33

minitest/unit is a small and fast replacement for ruby’s huge and slow test/unit. This is meant to be clean and easy to use both as a regular test writer and for language implementors that need a minimal set of methods to bootstrap a working unit test suite.

mini/spec is a functionally complete spec engine.

mini/mock, by Steven Baker, is a beautifully tiny mock object framework.

(This package was called miniunit once upon a time)


1.4.0 / 2009-06-18

  • 5 minor enhancement:

    • Added clarification doco.
    • Added specs and mocks to autorun.
    • Changed spec test class creation to be non-destructive.
    • Updated rakefile for new hoe capabilities.
    • describes are nestable (via subclass). before/after/def inherits, specs don’t.
  • 3 bug fixes:

    • Fixed location on must/wont.
    • Switched to __name__ to avoid common ivar name.
    • Fixed indentation in test file (1.9).
  • http://rubyforge.org/projects/bfts