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by ryan davis


hoe version 2.2.0 has been released!

Published 2009-06-17 @ 16:31

Hoe is a rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles. It helps generate rubygems and includes a dynamic plug-in system allowing for easy extensibility. Hoe ships with plug-ins for all your usual project tasks including rdoc generation, testing, packaging, and deployment.

Plug-ins Provided:

  • Hoe::Clean
  • Hoe::Debug
  • Hoe::Deps
  • Hoe::Flay
  • Hoe::Flog
  • Hoe::Inline
  • Hoe::Package
  • Hoe::Publish
  • Hoe::RCov
  • Hoe::Signing
  • Hoe::Test

See class rdoc for help. Hint: ri Hoe


2.2.0 / 2009-06-17

  • 8 minor enhancements:

    • Alter task descriptions to say what plugin they come from. jbarnette
    • Fix and improve generate_key task. Patch #20441 by Matthew Kent.
    • Hoe.plugin can take multiple names. jbarnette
    • Increase configurability of RDoc tasks. Patch #19597 by Sylvain Joyeux.
    • Refactored and renamed email task to debug_email, removed from announce.
    • Removed email task from announce task.
    • Switched to seattlerb plugin
    • check_extra_deps now installs developer dependencies as well
  • 3 bug fixes:

    • Fixed blogs entry in DEFAULT_CONFIG.
    • activated but missing plugins are properly skipped now
    • exclude field was missing from DEFAULT_CONFIG
  • http://rubyforge.org/projects/seattlerb/
  • http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/hoe/
  • mailto:ryand-ruby@zenspider.com