🕷 software releases

by ryan davis


minitest version 1.3.0 has been released!

Published 2008-10-09 @ 16:58

minitest/unit is a small and fast replacement for ruby’s huge and slow test/unit. This is meant to be clean and easy to use both as a regular test writer and for language implementors that need a minimal set of methods to bootstrap a working unit test suite.

mini/spec is a functionally complete spec engine.

mini/mock, by Steven Baker, is a beautifully tiny mock object framework.

(This package was called miniunit once upon a time)


1.3.0 / 2008-10-09

  • 2 major enhancements:

    • renamed to minitest and pulled out test/unit compatibility.
    • mini/test.rb is now minitest/unit.rb, everything else maps directly.
  • 12 minor enhancements:

    • assert_match now checks that act can call =~ and converts exp to a regexp only if needed.
    • Added assert_send… seems useless to me tho.
    • message now forces to string… ruby-core likes to pass classes and arrays :(
    • Added -v handling and switched to @verbose from $DEBUG.
    • Verbose output now includes test class name and adds a sortable running time!
    • Switched message generation into procs for message deferment.
    • Added skip and renamed fail to flunk.
    • Improved output failure messages for assert_instance_of, assert_kind_of
    • Improved output for assert_respond_to, assert_same.
    • at_exit now exits false instead of errors+failures.
    • Made the tests happier and more readable imhfo.
    • Switched index(s) == 0 to rindex(s, 0) on nobu’s suggestion. Faster.
  • 5 bug fixes:

    • 1.9: Added encoding normalization in mu_pp.
    • 1.9: Fixed backtrace filtering (BTs are expanded now)
    • Added back exception_details to assert_raises. DOH.
    • Fixed shadowed variable in mock.rb
    • Fixed stupid muscle memory message bug in assert_send.
  • http://rubyforge.org/projects/bfts