🕷 software releases

by ryan davis


ruby2ruby version 1.1.8 has been released!

Published 2007-12-22 @ 14:56

ruby2ruby provides a means of generating pure ruby code easily from ParseTree’s Sexps. This makes making dynamic language processors much easier in ruby than ever before.


1.1.8 / 2007-08-21

  • 6 minor enhancements:

    • Added super awesome .autotest file. YAY!
    • Removed nil.method_missing… too many ppl bitching about it.
    • Renamed RubyToRuby (the class name) to Ruby2Ruby.
    • Restructured self-translation tests so they were friendlier when dying.
    • Strings are now always one line long only.
    • Fully in sync with ParseTree and ruby_parser.
  • 2 bug fixes:

    • Fixed a number of issues/bugs discovered via ruby_parser.
    • Cleaned out some dead code and hacks we don’t need anymore.
  • http://seattlerb.rubyforge.org/
  • http://rubyforge.org/projects/seattlerb